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IronSource opens up Facebook Audience Network to its in-app bidding platform LevelPlay
Mobile marketing firm IronSource has revealed that its in-app bidding platform, LevelPlay, will now support Facebook Aud…
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IronSource adds new functionalities to its UA dashboard
Mobile marketing specialist IronSource has added new functionalities to its user acquisition dashboard. Users will no…
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IronSource adds creative insights to its user acquisition platform
User acquisition for mobile apps and games is an increasingly automated process, and so mobile marketing companies like …
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10 Lessons Every Entrepreneur Should Learn About Their Business
I co-founded a company 10 years ago, and in that decade we've closed seven M&As, expanded our operations, dramatically i…
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Supersonic Studios partners with ITI to help publish Japanese games internationally
Hypercasual developer Supersonic Studios has partnered with ITI (MarkApp) to help Japanese developers publish their game…
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There Are Lessons To Learn From How Entrepreneurs Are Handling The Crisis
In the face of an economic downturn that has stunned most of the business world, the entrepreneurial community is alive …
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Gaming's Tiger King moment in a time of Covid-19?
Gaming as a safe haven shouldn't be a surprise in a topsy-turvy world in which T-bonds and Texas oil are being given awa…
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Mobile Games Hotspot: 'Fortnite' Finally Lands on Google Play Store After Months-Long Standoff
The Hollywood Reporter
Fortnite has made its way onto the Google Play Store after first releasing as a third-party app on Android more than 18 …
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Why Business Is Booming For Mobile Game Publishers Despite The Downturn
The mobile gaming category – a more than $60 billion-a-year market – is thriving amid the brewing economic crisis. …
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