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What Apple's Arcade Launch Means For The Game Industry
International Business Times
Following Google’s launch of its streaming service Stadia, and ahead of Microsoft’s touted announcement at E3, Apple…
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India & Israel - The New Tech Frontiers
One of Israel’s most valuable private technology companies, IronSource, which works with India’s leading app develop…
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Four Critical Metrics Mobile Developers Will Need to Succeed in 2019
IronSource's VP of Growth talks about what mobile game developers will need to consider measuring in order to find succe…
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Cornell Tech Students Develop an Environmental App to be Implemented by City of Tel Aviv
Cornell Tech
During a unique, one-day sprint held in Tel Aviv earlier this year, a group of Cornell Tech masters students built an ap…
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ironSource claims $900m run-rate for 2019 as it eyes up acquisitions and IPO
Ad tech company ironSource says it’s on track to hit $900 million in revenue by the end of 2019.
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Be The Change - Israel's National Cleanup Day is tomorrow
To aid your clean up tomorrow, and to keep it top of mind every day afterwards, a team of innovative students have creat…
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Israeli adtech firm ironSource sees revenue of $900 million in 2019
Advertising technology firm IronSource, one of Israel’s most valuable private technology companies, expects to double …
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The truth about hyper-casual games
Hypercasual games have seen unprecedented growth over the past year. Using the average lifetime value of hypercasual pla…
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ironSource Unveils A/B Testing Tool, Empowers Developers to A/B Test Monetization Strategies
MarTech Advisor
Mobile monetization and marketing company ironSource announced today the launch of its A/B testing tool for ad monetizat…
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