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Q&A: ironSource's Cross-Promotion Solution
The Gaming Economy
Mobile app advertising, monetisation and mediation outfit ironSource recently expanded its platform to offer a cross-pla…
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Why monetization and marketing need to work closer together
Traditionally, ad monetization and user acquisition have been run by discrete teams at most major game companies. Theore…
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Subscription vs Ads: Predictions For Gaming
International Business Times
The ad vs subscription model is a hotly-debated and highly-tested model in the digital world. Netflix has nailed it.
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ironSource makes it easier for app developers to launch cross promotion campaigns
Business of Apps
ironSource, the mobile monetisation company, has just launched a new cross promotion solution which should make it easie…
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ironSource launches cross-promotion solution for mobile ads
Digital advertising firm IronSource has launched a new solution that allows mobile developers to utilise an advertisemen…
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ironSource introduces cross promotion solution simplifies campaigning for mobile developers
MarTech Advisor
Solution Provides a Dedicated Ad Network for Cross Promotion, Empowering Developers to Leverage the Full Benefits of an …
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What Mary Meeker’s latest report says about the mobile games industry in 2019 and why it matters
Business of Apps
Mary Meeker just delivered her highly-anticipated annual Internet Trends Report for the Code Conference gathering in Cal…
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How to monetise your IAP-based game with ads
It’s no longer a matter of “should” you include ads into your IAP game but it’s “how” you should incorporate…
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Making sense of Apple's cross-screen move
Mobile Marketing Magazine
Dan Greenberg, chief creative officer at ironSource, considers the implications of Apple’s latest OS updates for the m…
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