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Building a culture of radical trust is the key to creativity, according to this CEO. Here are 4 ways to foster it.
Business Insider
It's not uncommon for leaders to claim well-built teams, products, and business units originated from people who took th…
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ironSource launches ad-based game studio Supersonic Games
ironSource has long helped games and apps become more popular through its ad monetization tricks. But now it’s going i…
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ironSource launches new mobile studio Supersonic Games
Mobile marketing company ironSource announced the launch of a new mobile game studio, Supersonic Games.
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Adtech vertical consolidation accelerates as ironSource launches Supersonic Games
Competition in the hypercasual sector is heating up with the news that ironSource is launching its own publishing and de…
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ironSource opens mobile studio Supersonic Games to create ad-based games
Mobile marketing company ironSource has launched a new mobile game studio called Supersonic Games.
Press Release
ironSource Launches Ad-Based Game Studio - Supersonic Games
ironSource doubles down on the mobile games vertical with its own publishing arm for ad-based games.
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2020: What's next for hypercasual?
To understand the hypercasual market, it’s important to put it in context of the growth, in size and revenue, of the e…
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When do deceptive playable ads help, and when do they hurt?
Dan Greenberg of ironSource says misleading interactive mobile ads were huge in 2019, but likely to be reined in this ye…
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5 points that sum up mobile gaming in 2019
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With over 3B smartphones globally and with the hyper-growth of mobile-friendly hyper-casual games, it comes as no surpri…
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