Be the app of choice

The ironSource Aura platform gives advertisers an unprecedented opportunity to connect with millions of users when they’re primed to install new apps. ironSource Aura creates new engagement touchpoints both as part of a new device setup experience, and throughout the lifetime of the device.

Rise above the noise

Aura’s Out of the Box Experience (OOBE) allows advertisers to connect with users when they open their device for the first time and are focused on setting it up with the apps they want and need.

Apps when they matter

The days of long pre-load cycles are over. ironSource Aura’s Intelligent Onboarding makes it possible to stay on top of evolving trends and rates, so users always get the latest and greatest app content.

Engagement through Smart Notifications

Provide utility, not push advertising. Using identifiable device information Aura creates app recommendations which anticipate the apps users will need, exactly when they need them.

Reaching truly global scale

Working with the leading device manufacturers and carriers across the world, the Aura platform taps into a global network of hundreds of millions of devices.


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average Aura user

Turn customers into active users

Aura is the world’s first smart app recommendation platform which turns any smartphone from a static machine into a dynamic, responsive channel that builds an ongoing relationship with customers. With Aura, mobile OEMs and carriers can leverage ironSource’s app recommendation expertise to generate new revenue and bring devices to life with an innovative user experience.

New revenue streams

ironSource Aura empowers OEMs and carriers to join the content revolution, with personalized sponsored app recommendations for customers both during the setup process, and throughout the lifecycle of the device.

Access unprecedented data

With Aura analytics, OEMs and carriers can unlock the black box of post-purchase data to get a new understanding of how campaigns are performing per geo and device. Our dashboard aggregates global campaign data with real-time app installations to give you the full picture of each new revenue stream.

Maintain full control

Manage every aspect of the relationship with customers, with full control to fine-tune the entire user experience – from setup to ongoing notifications – all within a unified Content Management System.

Provide value to customers

Build a relationship with customers over the long-term, with consistently relevant and valuable app recommendations they will value. Every recommendation on Aura is powered by a deep understanding of the user and their needs, so that users are seeing relevant recommendations at the perfect time and in the proper context.

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