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With years of experience working with leading software developers, our understanding of users is powered by a track record that is 10.5B installs long. Put that expertise to work for your software business, with best-in-class technologies to help you acquire new users, monetize them effectively, and deliver your software successfully to devices around the world.

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We deliver better than anyone else.
5X better in fact.

As a market leader with more than 8 years of experience in the software installation ecosystem, our delivery technology is the most advanced in the industry. With an industry average installation fail rate of 25%, our installer reduces this to 5% – giving you a 95% success rate on every install. With minimal latency and full web hosting, you’ll have the peace of mind to do what you do best – create great software – while we take care of the rest.

Software Monetization Technologies

Maximizing the value of every user

Secured Install

Each piece of software is scanned for malware by our in-house research and compliance lab (ironLab), ensuring that you’re providing the most secure experience for your users.

AI & Deep Learning

Increase the value of your traffic with ironSource’s machine and deep learning capabilities.

User Focused

Create an experience that your users find valuable, with relevant recommended software. Fully transparent, users only install what they want to.

Monitoring and Reporting

Our proprietary, advanced BI system empowers our publishers to access the insights they need to make effective decisions in real-time.

Monetize the Download Funnel

Make the entire funnel work for you, with full control over the offered content, UI, and categories.

Premium Global Demand

Our publishers enjoy 100% fill rate from only the highest quality global advertisers.

Software Distribution Technologies

Meet your audience in a download state of mind

Premium Global Traffic

Reach high-quality users found on premium traffic from top-tier publishers - at massive global scale.

In-Depth Reporting & Monitoring

Maintain full control of your campaigns with our wide range of tracking and reporting tools.

CPI Model

Make each marketing dollar count, with a payment model that ensures you only pay for users that download your software.

Maximize Profits

Maintain full control of your campaigns with our wide range of tracking and reporting tools.

Anti-Fraud detection

Our extensive tools for fraud detection and prevention ensure you're only paying for real, human attention.

Committed to Compliance

Member of the CSA

ironSource partners with Microsoft, Google and the leading anti-virus companies in the Clean Software Alliance.

Direct Relationships

Our direct relationships with publishers and advertisers ensures we are able to fully examine and monitor each and every product that is distributed or monetized through our platform.

Research Lab (ironLab)

Our in-house research lab performs behavioral analysis, sandbox monitoring and emulation, as well as real-time AV and URL scanning to ensure maximum compliance.

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